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HIV testing

HIV is relatively common among gay men and other men who have sex with men. That means you have a greater chance of getting HIV. Do you think you haven't run ANY risks? Prove that to yourself! Get yourself tested for HIV and other STIs every three to six months.

Why get tested for HIV?

  • HIV is common among men who have sex with men. Your intestines are more vulnerable to HIV than a vagina is, for example. In short, anal sex is very risky in terms of HIV.
  • HIV does not always have symptoms. You could have HIV and pass it on to others without realising it.
  • The earlier you know that you have HIV, the earlier you can start getting treatment. That will be better for your health in the longer term.
  • Even if you always fuck with condoms, you can still get HIV.
  • HIV can also be transmitted via fingers or sex toys that have sperm, precum (preseminal fluid) or blood on them.
  • As the “bottom” you might not notice that the condom has broken or slid off.
  • You might not notice that your sex partner has come in your mouth.

“I haven't run any risks”

If you think you haven't run ANY risks, prove that to yourself. Have a test done at least every six months to confirm that you don't have HIV. Do that in the same way that you would go to the dentist to make sure you haven't developed any cavities. You can arrange for testing via Testlab, for example. If you live in or near Amsterdam or Rotterdam, you can also order a reliable HIV test delivered to your home via www.time2test.nl

Where to get tested?

You can arrange for testing for HIV and STIs through your own doctor, through an STI clinic or through Testlab. It won't cost you anything to get tested at an STI clinic or via Testlab. Depending on the type of health insurance you have, you may have to pay for STI testing if you do that through your own doctor, however. Do you live in the area around Amsterdam, Rotterdam-Rijnmond or The Hague (Haaglanden), or do you live in Groningen, Drenthe or Friesland? In that case you can easily schedule your STI test online via Testlab.

Testlab is not suitable:

  • if you already have symptoms of an STI or HIV, or
  • if you have been notified by a sex partner that he has an STI or HIV.

In that case, it is faster to go to your own doctor or to an STI clinic to get tested and receive treatment.

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"I give blowjobs without a condom, I didn't know I could contract an STI that way"