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First impressions count, the same applies to you. Be friendly to every guest and take care of your personal appearance. Trust your feelings and refuse clients you feel uncomfortable with. Always treat the client with respect. Stick to what you have agreed upon. (Dirty tricks spread like wildfire and damage your reputation).

Have your client take a shower (if available) first. It gives you the opportunity to check his or her skin on changes and visible STIs, and you can be sure of his or her personal hygiene. Each client is different. Find out how to get him/her aroused. Try out various techniques, see his/her reactions and ask what his/her wishes are. Discretion is very important with sex work. Treat personal information confidentially. Keep yourself informed about dangerous clients. Discuss this subject with other escorts on forums and in bars.

As you want to know the score and have peace of mind

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"I always shower with my clients or take a bath, so that I am sure they are fresh and clean!"