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It should be your own choice to be a sex worker. You should be the one to decide what sexual acts you do and what acts you don’t. Do you feel forced or do you think somebody else is forced? Contact the confidential counselor male sexworkers (anonymously), by info@pg292.nl. We can decide what to do together. As a confidantial couselor I am the contact for male sex workers as well as care providers.

The confidential counselor is the first contact for anybody who wants to report (anonymously) malpractice, poor working conditions, trafficking, force, complaints about business owners, city council, police, supervisors, etc.

When you are a sex worker you risk becoming a victim of homophobic violence. This may be physical violence or verbal aggression. File a report with the local police. You can also report it at www.slachtofferhulp.nl 0800-6334286.

As you want to know the score and have peace of mind

Easy and fast HIV test, anonymous: Municipal Health Service Amsterdam temporarily offers HIV self-test service, check: www.time2test.nl. An easy-to-take test, without blood involved. Results after 20 minutes.


"I always shower with my clients or take a bath, so that I am sure they are fresh and clean!"