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Always be honest in your communication about your service, age, and be honest with your photos and other information. Do not communicate false information Commercial escort pages cost money but give an impression of reliability and show your service is a professional one. If you have a website of your own, see to it that it is transparent. Avoid superfluous information and give a clear description of your service. Beware of guests/clients who only visit the internet to arouse themselves, but who never want to set a date (fakers). Guests or clients might ask for too much information, for instance. Reliable clients normally get to the point fairly quickly and set a date. Always have a client call you before you make the date into a definite one. This way you can get a first impression and avoid fakers.

Try to get an impression of the client by meeting in a public place.

Health and Social Support Services for Sex Workers in Europe

www.services4sexworkers.eu is a website that presents a directory of services available for sex workers in 25 European countries, and legal information regarding sex work, migration and access to health.

An European network of 26 organisations in 25 EU countries, which works with and for sex workers since 1993, and advocates for sex workers' rights.

www.services4sexworkers.eu informs sex workers, health and social workers about respectful and non-discriminatory support available across Europe.


"I always shower with my clients or take a bath, so that I am sure they are fresh and clean!"