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Do i need a license?

It depends on your work place if a license is needed or not.

At home

As a rule you do not need a license when you work from home, provided your work is not businesslike. In many towns working from home is not allowed whatsoever. Check with your hometown. Amsterdam does not license working from home as it goes against city development plans. Only if the property is planned for prostitution, a license can be obtained. There are no such properties. More information: check this website on ‘Is working from home allowed?’.

Windows prostitution

For window prostitution you do not need a license. The owner does.

Club of private house

When you work in a club or private house you do not need a license. The owner does.


When you work as an escort, you do your own soliciting and visit your clients, you do not need a license. But you should not engage in business activities. More information: ‘Is working from home allowed?’[link]. If anyone else acts as an intermediate, he or she does need a license for this. This applies to escort services and anyone who manages your website or answers the telephone, etc.

On the street

Street prostitution is allowed in street prostitution zones only. You do not need a license. In most cases a pass or ID card is required.

Health and Social Support Services for Sex Workers in Europe

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