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Registering with the Chamber of Commerce?

When self-employed you need to register with the Chamber of Commerce ( Dutch: Kamer van Koophandel, KvK). As a window prostitute you are self-employed. All businesses in The Netherlands are registered with the Chamber of Commerce (KVK). On the website (www.kvk.nl/english/) you will find the addresses. If you want to register, check if an appointment is necessary. In Amsterdam you need not make an appointment. 

What do you need?

Registration is only needed when you are self-employed. For example when you work as a window prostitute or from home and in some cases when you work as an escort. Usually the owner will see to your registration when you work in a club or private house. You should check this with the owner as there are cases of clubs and private houses in which the workers are self-employed. Then your registration with KvK is required.

Go to www.kvk.nl/english/ for the forms needed.
You also need a valid ID and a registered home address. The required fee of €50 can only be pinned.

What information is needed?

Registration in the Trade Register is compulsory when you register with the Chamber of Commerce (Dutch: KvK). All companies in The Netherlands are registered with them. They take down your personal details: name, address and town (NAW details). A name for your business is also required and a description of the activities. If you state that you are a sex worker, you are registered as such. If you wish to protect your privacy, we recommend the option of your activities being registered as ‘personal services’.

Please note: Information in the Trade Register is public information and therefore accessible to anyone. When your business name is the name you use with clients (e.g. your work name) they can find out your home address. You should keep your business name to yourself.

Nowadays you can also cover your registered address with KvK. This is on request only. First go to the town register office and have your address made non-accessible. Then go to KvK with the same request.

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