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Masturbating is stimulating your penis (or someone else's penis) by holding it in your hand and moving you hand up and down. There are lots of ways to beat off. Some men will like to do it one way, while others will prefer a different technique. By asking questions and by letting your partner know what you find pleasurable, you can discover together what is most enjoyable for you and him both.

Basic principles of masturbating

The best way to wank yourself (or someone else) may be different for each person, but it all comes down to the same idea. You grab hold of your penis and you move your hand rhythmically up and down: up over the head and back down again. Gradually you increase the pace and/or the pressure until you come (ejaculate). You can use your whole hand, but also just a couple of fingers; you can either make short movements or long strokes along the whole length of the penis.

Masturbating a cut or uncut penis

If your penis is uncut (uncircumcised), you can move your foreskin back and forth over the head of your cock when you masturbate. That will give you a nice feeling. On a cut penis, the foreskin has been partially or entirely removed. In that case, the glans will often be comparatively less sensitive since the head of the penis is always exposed to clothing. Adding a bit of spit or lube will make it more slippery and easier to stimulate the glans. That also works on an uncircumcised cock.

Variation in masturbation techniques

Discover what feels good for both you and your partner by trying out different techniques.

  • Alternate between slower and faster movements and between a tighter and a looser grip while you are holding his penis.
  • Pull back his foreskin and rub the glans (with your finger or your tongue, with lube or spit)
  • Play with his balls
  • Massage the perineum (the area between the penis and the anus) with your thumb
  • Alternate between sucking his penis and jerking it off

You can stimulate yourself even more while you are masturbating by fingering yourself or fucking yourself with a dildo. You can also rub your penis against something else (dry humping, dry fucking, riding), as if you were fucking someone.

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