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Fucking (anal sex)

Fucking (anal sex) is the penetration of the anus by a penis. This type of sex gives a lot of men a lot of pleasure and enjoyment, though not everyone likes fucking. Fucking often requires some preparation. The mucous membrane of the anus and intestines is highly susceptible for STIs and HIV. But feces (shit) can also be unpleasant or embarrassing. Use condoms and lots of lube to keep fucking as pleasurable, as healthy and as hygienic as possible.

Bottom, top or versatile

You can fuck in a variety of positions as either ‘the top’ or ‘the bottom’. The one who fucks is known as ‘active’ or the top, while the one who gets fucked is ‘passive’ or the bottom. Do you do it both ways? That is known as being 'versatile'.


  • Especially if you are being fucked as a bottom for the first time, fucking can feel uncomfortable or even painful. This depends on the shape and the size of the penis. A smaller penis is obviously easier to take than a larger one.
  • Are you unable to get fucked or does it not feel pleasurable? Don't force it.
  • To be fucked properly, your sphincter needs to be sufficiently relaxed. Take all the time you need to become relaxed enough.
  • Use a lot of water-based or silicon-based lube.

Relaxing in order to get fucked

If you want to get fucked, it will help to learn to relax your anus. That is something you can practice, either alone or with your partner.

  • Use your fingers or a dildo. Take your time and make sure you use enough lube in your anus and on your finger or dildo.
  • While you are putting your finger or the dildo in your anus, try to alternate tensing and relaxing your sphincter. That will give you more control over your body's reaction and you will learn to control the muscles in your anus.
  • Breathe deeply, in and out. As you breathe out, move the finger, dildo or penis inside.


To be able to fuck as the active partner, your penis needs to be good and hard. To keep anal sex as healthy as possible, use a condom and plenty of lube. Take as much time as the man you are going to fuck needs to feel relaxed. Start out by fingering or rimming him, for example.

Remaining hard

Some men have difficulty staying hard. Take whatever time you need to keep each other sexually excited in different ways. Fucking is not obligatory: if it's not working out at the moment, build up the sexual tension with a different kind of sex. There are lots of different positions that make fucking easier, more intense or more varied.

Avoiding shit

There are different ways you can avoid having to deal with shit or fecal matter. Condoms will prevent that his or your penis comes into contact with excrement. If you are going to get fucked, try to empty your rectum first by shitting into a toilet. You can also rinse out your rectum so that your anus and intestines will be empty of shit.

Fucking, STIs and HIV

Having anal sex without a condom carries a very high risk of contracting or passing on HIV and other STIs. The mucous membrane of the anus and the intestine is highly susceptible to pathogens and will easily transmit those as well. The best way to reduce the risks involved in fucking is to always use condoms and water-based or silicon-based lube. Do not use oil-based products since those will damage the condom, making it tear more easily. 

Broken condom

It can happen while you are fucking that the condom slips off or breaks without your knowing it. Has that happened to you in the past 72 hours and did the guy come inside you? Or did you get fucked without a condom? If so, it is important to check if you can have a PEP treatment to reduce the risk of becoming infected with HIV. 

Health and Social Support Services for Sex Workers in Europe

www.services4sexworkers.eu is a website that presents a directory of services available for sex workers in 25 European countries, and legal information regarding sex work, migration and access to health.

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