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When you use different drugs at the same time, the effects are hard to predict. It can be more risky. In combination the various effects can be enhanced, weakened, obscured or changed. Therefore you should know the effects of each combination. You cannot tell from the experience of other people what the effects will be on your own body. When you try new combinations of drugs you should be in a safe environment. Only combine drugs you have used separately. Start using a small amount of one drug then wait till you experience the effect of it before you take the second drug.

Health and Social Support Services for Sex Workers in Europe

www.services4sexworkers.eu is a website that presents a directory of services available for sex workers in 25 European countries, and legal information regarding sex work, migration and access to health.

An European network of 26 organisations in 25 EU countries, which works with and for sex workers since 1993, and advocates for sex workers' rights.

www.services4sexworkers.eu informs sex workers, health and social workers about respectful and non-discriminatory support available across Europe.


"Before I start working and using I always eat something. That way I have more energy and I can my focus."