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There are three categories of drugs: downers, uppers and hallucinogens. A number of drugs have varying effects. Ecstasy, for example, is a stimulant and has a hallucinatory effect.


Downers (alcohol, heroin, GHB, GBL, ketamine and cannabis) are narcotics, so they have a calming, euphoric and relaxing effect. They lower the blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature and they cause shallow breathing. Awareness level and negative feelings (anxiety) decrease. Downers can cause sleepiness and loose muscles. Sexual inhibitions may diminish. A low dosage may enhance your sex drive. Some types of downers may cause erection problems or prevent orgasm, especially with frequent (daily) use. Clients may get frustrated and aggressive because of this.

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"Before I start working and using I always eat something. That way I have more energy and I can my focus."