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In general

Benzos ( diazepam, nitrazepam) relieve anxiety and tension. They are prescription-only medicines. Health care used to reimburse the costs but nowadays (since 2009) they are only prescribed for a limited group of patients. There are two groups of Benzos: those with short-term effects of 7 hours on average and those with long-term effects of 12 hours on average, e.g. valium. The short-term ones are prescribed as a sleep-inducing medicine, the long-term ones as sedatives.

Physical effects

Lower heart rate and body temperature, shallow breathing and loose muscles.

Psychological effects

Relieves anxiety, tension, panic attacks, stress, sorrow and depression.

Sex work

A small dosage of benzos has minimal effect on sex. If it is used to relieve anxiety, it may help to relax. With a bigger dosage the narcotic effect increases. The user will get slow reactions, will be sleepy and have loose muscles because of the relaxing effect. Benzos have strong narcotic effects. If used daily they can much diminish your sex drive. Erection and orgasm problems may occur. The effect on a person’s sex life varies from one individual to another. A person with sex-related anxieties will calm down when taking benzos. With most users orgasm is delayed.


Never use benzos together with alcohol, GHB, ketamine or other downers. This combination may cause a coma or respiratory arrest. Also avoid a combination with medicines that reduce your level of consciousness like anti-psychotics.

Short-term risks

Sleepiness, feeling down, headaches, impassiveness, weight gain, loss of concentration, irritability, loss of memory.

Long-term risks

Indifference, disinterest, memory loss, lack of emotions.

Safe(r) use

  • Never take benzos for sleeping disorders for more than 2 weeks at a time.
  • Do not take benzos together with other downers: this will cause negative interactions with losing consciousness or going into a coma as a result.
  • Taking too many sleep-inducing medicine and sedatives at the time can lead to overdose and losing consciousness, going into a coma or respiratory arrest.
  • If possible choose one of the short-term benzos. In this way you will be less groggy the next day.
  • When you use benzos for a long period of time the upsides will turn into downsides. When you stop after a considerable period of time, you will suffer nasty withdrawal symptoms. You should phase out gradually with the help of a doctor.

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