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In general

Cocaine is a whitish, crystalline powder. The active substance is Cocaine Hydrochloride. Other names for it are: crack, rock, charlie, freebase, cheech, coke, chico, snifter, chong snow, snow, white stuff, fairy dust. Cocaine is an upper, it is a stimulant which brings about a cheerful mood. Coke is derived from the leaves of the coca plant in South and Central America.

Physical effects

High blood pressure, high body temperature and heart rate, rapid breathing, increased level of alertness, more energy, more muscle power, increased stamina and self-confidence, higher pain threshold, dehydration of the mucous membranes, laxative effects, reduces appetite, local anaesthesia.

Psychological effects

Increases creativity, diminishes anxiety and inhibitions, feeling more self-assured, communicative, careless, cheerful, alert, lucid. It is sexually stimulating.

Sex work

Coke is a sexual stimulant. Work may be easier under the influence of coke. With a small dose it is easier to have a lasting erection. Orgasm may be delayed though. Some clients are glad that they can prolong sex. With higher levels of coke it is more difficult to have an erection. When in an euphoric mood after the use of coke, some clients feel the need of rough and prolonged sex. They feel more confident. The sex drive sometimes decreases with frequent users. Orgasm is harder to achieve and sometimes people suffer temporary impotence. Some clients put some coke on their glans or in their anus. The local anaesthesia reduces sensitivity so the sex can be prolonged. However the coke on the glans or in the anus may result in ulcers. On top of that the mucous membranes in the anus can be dehydrated by the coke, which may result in bleeding. In that case there is a risk of HIV and STDs being transferred. That is the reason you should use condoms with extra lubricant.


When cocaine and alcohol are combined a new substance is released: Coca Ethylene. 1+1= 3. This substance has similar effects to coke, but it is more harmful to the liver. It means more stress to the body and it can be risky. The heart and blood vessels have to endure even more strain. The degradation of toxic substances in the liver is delayed as there are three toxic substances to be processed. The effect of coke is that you do not feel you are drunk or you do not feel it as much. This delusion causes you to drink more with a triple hangover as a result.
The risk of dehydration and hyperthermia increases when coke and ecstasy are mixed. It can cause brain damage, memory and concentration loss and mood changes. The mix increases the strain on the heart and the risk of physical exhaustion. You may suffer a severe hangover and you may feel run down or burnt out. Cocaine may diminish the ecstasy effects of feeling high. The mix of coke and blowing increases the risk of complaints like anxiety and restlessness.

Short-term risks

Exhaustion, fatigue, headaches, inflammation of nose cartilage, less resistant to diseases, risk of overdose.

Long-term risks

Decrease of sense of smell, damage of nose cartilage, aggressive and paranoid behaviour, serious itching/irritation of the skin, psychosis, dependency.

Safe(r) use

  • Cocaine is often mixed with other substances, e.g. Lidocaine (narcotic), Phenacetin (anti-inflammatory) or Levamisole (worming drug). Some adulterants (mix substances) are more dangerous than the cocaine itself. You are strongly advised to have your cocaine tested. For a free and anonymous test in your neighbourhood check: drugs-test.nl
  • Users with a heart condition, high blood pressure, diabetes or epilepsy may run extra risks and we strongly advise them not to use cocaine.
  • Clients under the influence of coke tend to want rough sex that is prolonged. At the same time coke dehydrates the mucous membranes in the anus, which increases the risk of small wounds and broken condoms. Change the condom every 15 minutes and use lots of lubricant.
  • Never take coke to remedy fatigue or depression or counteract the effects of the use of it. You postpone your (extra strong) hangover.
  • Use your own snorting tube and do not share it with others. In this way you prevent infectious diseases from spreading.
  • Rinse your nose after snorting with tepid salted water. Use a nose spray to rinse your nose.
  • Your body must recover, so eat well, eat varied food and take a good rest.
  • You will have difficulty eating when taking coke or after. But food will help to remedy some of the negative after effects. Eating well before use builds up some reserve. Eat something easy like bananas, smoothies or liquid-based breakfast and you will feel better afterwards.
  • Afterwards build up your reserves with healthy food. High protein food, lots of vegetables and fruit will help recovering quickly and in the long run it will limit the damage done.
  • Cocaine has strong aphrodisiac effects and diminishes inhibitions, so you tend to push your limits. Use safe sex methods to prevent HIV and STDs by using condoms and sufficient lubricant.

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"Before I start working and using I always eat something. That way I have more energy and I can my focus."