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Crystal meth

In general

Crystal meth (ice, shabu, tina, meth) is an ultra powerful drug, usually in the form of crystal-like rocks. The effects of crystal meth take much longer to wear off than those of speed, a major difference. Crystal meth is snorted, digested orally, smoked or injected. When smoked it is put into a glass pipe and heated with a lighter. It immediately takes effect when inhaled.

Physical effects

Muscle tightness, increased heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature, dilated pupils, dry mouth, dehydration, stiff jaws, teeth grinding, painkilling, heart palpitations, increased perspiration, dizziness, nausea, headaches, sleeping disorders, sexually stimulating, reduced potency, strong dependency.

Psychological effects

Wakefulness, increase of physical activity, restlessness, inflated ego, powerful euphoria.

Sex work

Crystal meth has a sexually stimulating effect. Some users become insatiable sex machines. Sex marathons of several days are not uncommon. You may risk tissue damage. The wakefulness can last for days on end and you may have a loss of appetite and won’t feel thirsty. In the end you will feel exhausted. Sex work will get hard as having and maintaining erections will be difficult. Crystal meth decreases inhibitions, so your ability to think straight is hampered. You run the risk of pushing your limits and behaving out of character, e.g. you do not use a condom when in ordinary circumstances you would.


Used together with other uppers(stimulants) it will be an extra strain on the heart and blood vessels, you risk exhaustion. The hangover will be more severe than after the drugs on their own. It counteracts the love-effect of Ecstasy and MDMA. The combination increases the risk of Hypothermia and brain damage. As crystal meth renders you wakeful and seemingly fit, you can drink more alcohol without feeling drunk. The hangover, though, will be much more serious. With a mix of downers (depressants) you will get mixed signals. GHB can lessen the stimulating effects of crystal meth. Sometimes people think blowing has a calming effect after taking crystal meth and use it to be able to fall asleep. Blowing, however, can make you anxious and restless.

Short-term risks

Getting irritable, aggressive, hyperthermia, heart problems, overdose, epileptic fits, dehydration, liver damage, hallucinations.

Long-term risks

Dental damage, loss of weight, exhaustion, lowered resistance and condition, bad skin, irregular heart beat, heart attack and brain haemorrhage.

Safe(r) use

  • To remedy negative effects: do not use at all as the dependency of crystal meth is strong.
  • Take a good rest before and after the use of crystal meth.
  • Clients under the influence of crystal meth tend to want rough sex that is prolonged. At the same time crystal dehydrates the mucous membranes in the anus, which increases the risk of small wounds and broken condoms. Change the condom every 15 minutes and use lots of lubricant.
  • You will have difficulty eating when taking crystal meth or after. But food will help to remedy some of the negative after effects. Eating well before use builds up some reserve. Eat something easy like bananas, smoothies or liquid-based breakfast and you will feel better afterwards.
  • Afterwards build up your reserves with healthy food. High protein food, lots of vegetables and fruit will help recovering quickly and in the long run it will limit the damage done.
  • Watch out for hyperthermia. Take a break now and then and drink water or soft drinks to prevent dehydration. No more than two glasses of water an hour (risk of water intoxication).
  • Never share your meth pipe with others or use a removable mouth piece to prevent spreading infectious diseases.
  • A dry mouth together with grinding your teeth causes dental damage, so stimulate the production of saliva by chewing sugar free chewing gum. Have your meth tested. For a free and anonymous test in your neighbourhood check: drugs-test.nl
  • Crystal can have an aphrodisiac effect and decreases inhibitions, so it may cause you to push your limits. Use safe sex methods to prevent HIV and STDs like condoms and sufficient lubricant.

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"Before I start working and using I always eat something. That way I have more energy and I can my focus."