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In general

GHB (Gamma Hydroxybutyrate) is usually sold in plastic 5 millilitre tubes. It is a syrupy, salted liquid, made from drain cleaner and stain remover. Also named G, gabba and liquid ecstasy. GHB is a substance which occurs naturally in the body, but it is not harmless at all. The substance raises the level in the brain high above normal. GBL (Gamma Butyro Lactone) as a liquid is at least twice as powerful as GHB. Measuring the dosage is extremely difficult. Pure GBL is a corrosive substance (Lactone). GBL looks the same as GHB, so you cannot see the difference. The dosage of both substances is difficult. Too little and you won’t notice a thing. Too much means overdose and coma.

Physical effects

Low blood pressure and heart rate, breathing difficulties, cheerfulness, euphoria, relaxing, reducing inhibitions, muscle loosening, drowsiness, sexually stimulating.

Psychological effects

Euphoria, reducing inhibitions, disorientation, recklessness.

Sex work

GHB numbs the senses. You will get cheerful and relaxed and very talkative. Your sex drive increase. GHB makes you sensitive to touch. You can keep your erection and have a powerful orgasm. Dosing GHB is difficult. There is a risk of unsafe sex as you may suddenly (with a high dosage) fall into a profound sleep and afterwards you have not got a clue what happened during your sex date.


Mixing GHB with alcohol and other downers such as Ketamine may have the effect of an overdose and is life threatening. There will be an even higher risk of coma or falling unconscious or at the worst: stopping to breathe. This also applies to narcotics like benzos. In combination with alcohol there is a high risk of suffocating in your own vomit when you are unconscious.

Taking GHB after using MDMA is said to prolong the MDMA effect. The mix will reduce inhibitions even more than the substances used on their own. Bear that in mind. Do not use uppers to prevent a coma. Some people think that using GHB together with speed prevents a coma. People feel more wide awake than with GHB alone. There are indications, however, that when somebody is in coma as a result of a GHB overdose, having taken speed or MDMA as well, he or she runs a higher risk of a deeper and longer coma. Carefully measuring the dose of GHB is the only remedy. The combination with uppers increases the risk of epileptic seizures and movement disorders.

Short-term risks

Trembling, dizziness, nausea, headaches, unconsciousness, convulsions, coordination problems, confusion.

Long-term risks

Brain damage, damage of esophagus, memory loss, sleeping disorders, strong mental and physical dependence. 

Safe(r) use

  • Make sure you know the concentration level of the GHB. If you don’t, first take a small amount of it.
  • Make sure you know exactly the amount of millilitres you take. Buy a syringe with millilitre indication. You can buy one online or at the chemist’s.
  • If you do not feel any effect after an hour and you feel like taking some more: do not take more than half the amount of your first dose.
  • In case you do feel the effect, but you still want to take more, wait at least 1,5 hours and do not take more than half the amount of the first dose. This reduces the risk of an overdose.
  • Never take GHB together with alcohol, sedatives or other downers. The narcotic effect increases and you risk a coma and/or breathing stop.
  • If you want to take GHB after having drunk alcohol, note that the body needs 1,5 hours to degrade a normal glass of alcohol.
  • Do not share drinks with others if it contains GHB. You never know the amount of your intake.
  • Drinking it on an empty stomach means a greater risk of an overdose, on a full stomach it can result in vomiting.
  • When you witness somebody going into a coma, try to keep him or her awake by pain stimuli, fresh air and try to get him/her to keep on moving.
  • In case he/she does not react to pain stimuli and you are unable to keep him/het awake, call 112 or an ambulance.
  • GHB can have an aphrodisiac effect and decreases inhibitions, so it may cause you to push your limits. Use safe sex methods to prevent HIV and STDs like condoms and sufficient lubricant.

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