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Erection pills

In general

Erection pills improve the blood circulation of the penis and therefore stimulate the erection. Approved and registered erection pills are Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Uprima. Kamagra contains similar components to Viagra and it is often ordered on internet illegally. If you do have erection disorders, your GP can prescribe erection pills.

Physical effects

Increased sexual potency, red complexion, headaches, decreased blood pressure.

Psychological effects

Unsubsiding arousal

Sex work

Erection pills are a solution for men who have difficulty getting an erection and maintaining it, when using condoms. As erection pills help to easily prolong the erection, putting on condoms is easier and men feel encouraged to use them. Taking these pills does not mean you automatically get an erection. Sexual arousing is needed.


Erection pills lower the blood pressure. That is why they should not be used together with other drugs as the combination is bad for your heart and blood pressure. Erection pills, taken together with alcohol, will go against getting and maintaining an erection. Erection pills together with poppers may cause an acute lowering of the blood pressure. This may cause you to faint and go into coma. You could experience heart problems or blood circulation disorders (kidneys). If you have had heart and kidney problems before, never take erection pills together with poppers. Uppers may cause temporary erection problems. The combination with erection pills may cause heart problems. Ecstasy increases the blood pressure and the heart rate, while erection pills lower the blood pressure. The two substances taken together may influence their degradation in the liver. This may lead to a dangerously high level of both ecstasy and erection pill substances in the blood.

Short-term risks

Headaches, red complexion, nausea, blocked nose, dizziness, palpitations, decreased blood pressure, painful erection.

Long-term risks

Dependence, it will get more and more difficult to have sex without erection pills.

Safe(r) use

  • Users with a heart condition, high blood pressure, diabetes or epilepsy may run extra health risks.
  • The combination of poppers and erection pills may cause an acute lowering of the blood pressure. This can cause you to faint and go into coma. You may also get heart problems or kidney disorders (blood circulation problems).
  • Viagra and Kamagra are sexual stimulants and may cause you to push your limits. Prevent unsafe sex by always using condoms and sufficient lubricant.

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