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In general

Ketamine is a synthetic anaesthetic and it is used as a painkiller on humans and animals. Ketamine (special K, vitamin K, ket) in a small dose is a popular drug for recreational purposes. It often comes in the form of a grainy white powder. Sometimes too as a liquid but tablets are rare. Ketamine has hallucinatory, dissociative effects. ‘Dissociative’ means ‘having feelings of detachment from the environment and self’.

Physical effects

Increased heart beat and blood pressure, feelings of being in a mild, dreamy haze and being afloat, like drunkenness, dilated blood vessels.

Psychological effects

Dreamy haze, feelings of being afloat, enlightening experiences, dissociative effects (K-hole), confusion, bad trip, sexually stimulating.

Sex work

A small dose of Ketamine has a euphoric effect, which makes sex work easier. As it has hallucinatory effects, you may experience detachment from environment and self. This may be more or less strong. With an overdose you may reach K-hole, feelings of detachment from self. You will feel detached from sex as well. The narcotic effect of Ketamine causes the loss of feeling in arms and legs; your pain threshold is high. Ketamine disturbs having an erection and keeping it.


The combination of Ketamine and other downers such as alcohol, GHB, benzos and heroin increase the risk of unconsciousness and respiratory arrest. Once unconscious you may choke on vomit or tongue. The combination of uppers such as cocaine or speed, and Ketamine is especially risky for people suffering heart and blood vessel diseases. The combination Ketamine and downers like alcohol and GHB may cause unconsciousness.

Short-term risks

Nausea, disorientation, muscle stiffness, overproduction of saliva, walking disorder, uncoordinated movements, bad trip, K-hole, falling unconscious, choking in vomit, respiratory arrest.

Long-term risks

Paranoia, memory loss, brain damage, bladder and kidney problems, severe stomach cramps (K-cramps), bladder infection, strong mental dependence.

Safe(r) use

  • Always start with a small dose of Ketamine.You do not need much to get the desired effect.
  • Make sure you can sit or lie down when using Ketamine, because of possible negative effects.
  • Some users get nauseous when using Ketamine. Make sure your stomach is empty before taking the substance, so do not eat anything during the three hours prior to taking K.
  • The bad effects you may experience usually wear off within the hour.
  • Do not take together with other downers. You may risk unconsciousness.
  • When you have snorted Ketamine, clean your nose using a nose spray with tepid salted water or rinse your nose with this water.
  • Have your Ketamine tested. For a free and anonymous test in your neighbourhood check: drugs-test.nl.
  • Ketamine decreases inhibitions, so it may cause you to push your limits. Use safe sex methods to prevent HIV and STDs like condoms and sufficient lubricant.


"Before I start working and using I always eat something. That way I have more energy and I can my focus."