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In general

LSD (Lysergic acid- Diethylamide) is a semi-synthetic hallucinogen made from a certain fungus. Usually it occurs as a drop on a small square of paper (paper trip) or as tiny tablets (microdots). It also occurs as a liquid. LSD is a potent hallucinogen of which only a small amount is needed to experience the desired effects. Normally 50 to 150 milligrams are enough for an average to strong trip. Effects always differ and depend on one’s mental and physical condition as well as one’s surroundings.

Physical effects

Dilated pupils, slight heart rate increase, increase in blood pressure.

Psychological effects

Distortions in perception and thought (sense of time). Alternating positive and negative feelings.

Sex work

The effects LSD has on sex work strongly differs and depends largely on the mindset of the user and the surroundings in which the LSD trip is experienced. Perceptions are distorted so you sense that your thoughts are spiralling into themselves, a feeling which cannot be shared with other people. During sex the senses are functioning out of the ordinary which causes detachment.


Never use LSD together with other drugs, medicines or alcohol. The effects are quite serious already, without other substances. Especially cannabis may seriously enhance and prolong the effects of LSD.

Short-term risks

Vomiting, dizziness, nausea, perspiration, anxieties, paranoia, bad trip, psychosis.

Long-term risks

The effects of LSD in the long run are largely unknown. Sometimes people have unwanted ‘flashbacks’ from it, long after the drug has worn off. This may be caused by the use of cannabis, tiredness or memories of LSD use. You may relive the trip without having taken LSD again.

Safe(r) use

Do not use LSD when you have not got the right mindset. A trip may intensify your mood, either positively or negatively. Take a small dose first and some more if you like, after an hour. Use it in a comfortable environment with people you know well. In case the effects are too intense you should take vitamin C, dextrose or sports drinks based on sugar. Never take LSD together with other drugs, medicines or alcohol. Cannabis can intensify and prolong the effects of the trip. Preferably use the drug in the company of someone sober in case adequate action is needed.

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"Before I start working and using I always eat something. That way I have more energy and I can my focus."