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Magic mushrooms

In general

Magic mushrooms (shrooms, mushies) contain Psilocybin and Psilocin. The effectiveness of the various kinds differs as the amounts and intensities of the substances vary. Magic truffles and magic tubers have the same effects. Magic mushrooms are eaten, but smoking dried ones is also possible. Some people stew it into tea to mask the bad taste. The effects depend on the amount taken: the larger the amount, the more intense the effects. The effects also depend on your mental and physical health and on the setting.

Physical effects

Dilated pupils, slight increase in heart rate, increase in blood pressure.

Psychological effects

Distorted senses (e.g. sense of time), mood changes, different thinking. Alternating positive and negative feelings.

Sex work

The effect of magic mushrooms on sex varies and depends largely on the mindset of the user and the setting. Perceptions are distorted it seems as if your thoughts are spiralling into themselves, a feeling which cannot be shared with other people. During sex the senses are functioning out of the ordinary which causes detachment.


Never use magic mushrooms together with other drugs, medicines or alcohol. The effects are quite serious without other substances. Especially cannabis may seriously enhance and prolong the effects of mushies.

Short-term risks

Vomiting, dizziness, nausea, perspiration, anxieties, paranoia, bad trip, psychosis.

Long-term risks

The effects of magic mushrooms in the long run are largely unknown. Sometimes people have unwanted ‘flashbacks’ from the trip long after the drug has worn off. This may be caused by the use of cannabis, tiredness or memories of prior use. You may relive the trip without having taken magic mushrooms again.

Safe(r) use

  • Use it in a comfortable environment with people you know well.
  • In case the effects are too intense you should take vitamin C, dextrose or sports drinks based on sugar.
  • Never take magic mushrooms together with other drugs, medicines or alcohol. Cannabis can intensify and prolong the effects of the trip.
  • Preferably use the drug in the company of someone sober in case adequate action is needed.
  • Do not use magic mushrooms when you have not got the right mindset. A trip may intensify your mood, either in a positive way or in a negative way.

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