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In general

MDMA (3,4-methlenedioxy-methamphetamine) is the chemical name of the active substance of ecstasy. MDMA belongs to the amphetamine classes of drugs. Ecstasy is a stimulant but also has hallucinatory effects. You may feel a sense of belonging, of well-being and being in love, wanting to connect. MDMA comes in tablets (ecstasy) and in crystal/powder form. Some users may take a whole tablet, others take half or quarter tablets. As the tablets can contain different amounts of active substance, you never know how much you take in. Some tablets may contain next to nothing of the active substance, other tablets can contain up to three times the normal dose. Tablets with a similar name, size, colour and shape may contain different drugs in varying levels such as PMMA or mCPP. These substances may be more dangerous than MDMA and may cause bad side-effects.

Physical effects

Raised blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature, dilated pupils.

Psychological effects

Empathy, euphoria, well-being, sense of belonging, the senses are intense, fewer inhibitions, increase of energy.

Sex work

As you are extra sensitive to sexual stimulants, the use of ecstasy/MDMA can make sex very intense. You will feel intensely connected to your partner. The effects on your potency depends on the dose taken. With a small dose your sex drive intensifies and you feel very much like cuddling. Your erection is prolonged after using ecstasy. However orgasm problems are common. With a large dose it may be hard to have an erection and orgasm will be difficult too. If you have used the drug for a long period of time and with large doses, both your sex drive and your potency decrease. Orgasm problems are common with ecstasy use. After using the drug you may feel tired and low with no sex drive. It will wear down after a period of time. The impotence may last longer (a few weeks) if you have used the drug for a long period of time.


Alcohol mixed with ecstasy strains the heart and blood vessels. The strain on the liver intensifies because of extra body waste. After use you may suffer temporary memory loss and you may feel tired and low.

Users mixing ecstasy and marijuana have various experiences. Some feel a joint stimulates the ecstasy. Others calm down or feel the effects of ecstasy decreasing.

Mixing cocaine and ecstasy strain the heart. With some people cocaine neutralises the effects of ecstasy, others report cocaine intensifies the effects of ecstasy. The combination strongly increase your blood pressure and your heart rate and enhances the risk of dehydration and overheating. Afterwards you may feel down and empty for days.

Ecstasy may cause temporary impotence. Mixing it with erection pills may cause heart disorders. Ecstasy increases the blood pressure and increases the heart rate. Erection pills have an adverse effect.

The two substances may influence the degradation of each in the liver. This may cause dangerously high levels of both erection pill substances and ecstasy substances.

GHB and ecstasy prolong the effect of ecstasy. The stimulating effect of ecstasy decreases the narcotic effect of GHB which may lead to an overdose of GHB.

Mixing ketamine with ecstasy may lead to a bad trip.

Speed together with ecstasy may dangerously strain the heart. It can also cause physical exhaustion. The after effects can be very serious, both physically and psychologically. You may feel down, empty and depressed. The mix also increases the risk of brain damage, dehydration and overheating.

Short-term risks

Memory loss, decrease in appetite, dry mouth, tightening of the jaw muscles, teeth grinding, sleeping disorders, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headaches, psychological complaints, hangover, overheating, epileptic seizures, liver damage, increase of risk of heart problems.

Long-term risks

Exhaustion, fatigue, brain damage, loss of short-term memory, heart rate irregularities, reduced resistance and health condition, weight loss, dental damage, psychological complaints.

Safe(r) use

  • To remedy negative effects of ecstasy: do not use at all as it will delay the backlash.
  • Take a good rest before and after using ecstasy and MDMA.
  • Ecstasy tends to prolong sex. At the same time MDMA dehydrates the mucous membranes in the anus, which increases the risk of small wounds and broken condoms. Change the condom every 15 minutes and use lots of lubricant.
  • You will have difficulty eating before and after taking ecstasy. But food will help to remedy some of the negative after effects. Eating well before use builds up some reserve. Eat something easy like bananas, smoothies or liquid-based breakfast and you will feel better afterwards.
  • Afterwards build up your reserves with healthy food. High protein food, lots of vegetables and fruit will help recovering quickly and in the long run it will limit the damage done.
  • L-tryptophan may remedy an ecstasy dip a little. You can buy it at a smart shop, some chemist’s and online.
  • Take care not to get overheated when using ecstasy. Take a break now and then and drink enough water to prevent dehydration. Preferably no more than two glasses an hour to prevent water intoxication.
  • Never share your straw with others to prevent infectious diseases.
  • Ecstasy causes a dry mouth. This, combined with teeth grinding increases the risk of dental damage. Stimulate the production of saliva by chewing sugar-free chewing gum.
  • You are strongly advised to have your ecstasy tested. For a free and anonymous test in your neighbourhood check: drugs-test.nl.
  • Ecstasy can have an aphrodisiac effect, so it may cause you to push your limits. Use safe sex methods like condoms and sufficient lubricant.


"Before I start working and using I always eat something. That way I have more energy and I can my focus."