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Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C ( HCV) as an STI is especially common with HIV positive homosexual men and bisexual men. It is a serious infection. In the long run it may lead to liver failure and liver cancer. It is transferred through blood-to-blood contact.

The difference between Hepatitis A, B and C

Hepatitis C should not be confused with Hepatitis B and A. You can be vaccinated against A and B, unfortunately not against C. You cannot get Hepatitis A and B for a second time. It is different with Hepatitis C. You can contract the disease time and again, even when the treatment has been successful.

Especially HIV- positive men

HIV- positive men especially may contract the disease through sex. Even if you use medicines against HIV, you can contract this STI. Hepatitis C may lead to liver failure and liver cancer in the long run. When you are infected with HIV, damage to the liver can occur more easily. That is the reason you should take a Hepatitis C test every three to six months. If you happen to have been at great risk, take the test sooner.

Risk factors Hepatitis C

  • Sex with other HIV-positive men
  • Bleedings in your rectum and anus as a result of fist fucking and the use of toys
  • hard fucking
  • fucking with too little lubricant
  • fucking with a ‘Prince Albert’ (i.e. glans piercing)
  • recent operations of the anus, e.g. removal of genital warts
  • blisters as a result of STIs such as Syphilis, Genital Herpes, and LGV
  • wounds on your handsinflamed cuticles
  • Sharing things that have not been disinfected: dildos, toys and anal douches, Pots of Crisco, bottles of J-lube or other lubricants, drugs syringes, snorting things (straws, rolled banknotes, etc.) attributes to prepare drugs with, attributes to apply drugs anally, towels with blood or lubricants on them, shaving kit
  • Not thoroughly degreasing and disinfecting when having sex of : hands, arms, penis, etc., toys, the place. Fucking without a condom, ejaculating in each other (without a condom), having sex with more than one HIV-positive men at the same time or within a limited time
  • Sex with more than one HIV-positive men at the same time.

Blood-to-blood contact

Hepatitis C is spread by blood-to-blood contact while having sex. Hepatitis C can be spread 10 to 15 times as easily by blood-to-blood contact as HIV. The blood is not always visible. Small wounds in the mucous membrane of the anus easily occur with fist fucking, prolonged fucking or when dildos and other toys are used. Hepatitis C can enter the body by injured mucous membranes, but also by small wounds or ulcers.

Hepatitis C is very contagious and the virus can stay alive outside the body, unlike e.g. HIV. Hepatitis C can stay alive 6 weeks at room temperature on substances as metal, plastic, rubber and in lubricant. So Hepatitis C can be spread by means of the sling or the shared mattress, if these are not carefully disinfected during and after sex.

Maybe also by semen

Research shows that Hepatitis C can also occur in semen. It is more likely with an acute Hepatitis C infection. Extensive research into the transfer by semen is needed. Maybe Hepatitis C can occur in pre-cum as well, it has not been researched yet.

Sex with more than one man

The risk of contracting Hepatitis C from other HIV-positive men is increased when you have sex with more than one partner at the same time or within a short time. Trios, moresomes, group sex: these circumstances are ideal for Hepatitis C to be spread.

Not only (private) sex parties are a big risk, but also sex with various men in a darkroom, a cruising area or a sauna can mean taking a greater risk of contracting Hepatitis C.

This is also because it is quite hard to maintain thorough disinfection when playing with several men versus one man at the time.

How to decrease the risk of Hepatitis C

You can decrease the risk of Hepatitis C in several ways, e.g. by using condoms when you fuck and latex gloves with fist fucking. Each time you have a different partner, thoroughly degrease and disinfect: your hands, arms, penis, balls, pubic hair and groins (also when you use gloves and/or condoms) the sling and the room with special disinfectants.

Your hands, arms, penis, balls, pubic hair and groins (the sling and room)

HIV-negative men as a helping hands

Unfortunately as an HIV-negative man you can unknowingly play a part in spreading the virus among HIV-positive sex partners. Imagine a situation in which you fuck, finger or fist fuck more than one partner, one after the other. While you are playing, hepatitis C can be spread from one HIV-infected man to the other –through your body too. You may not risk an infection yourself, but you can spread the virus. In other words, you are ‘the helping hand’ of the virus. Take care, when you are HIV-negative, that you know what to do to diminish the risk of spreading Hepatitis C, e.g.:

  • do not use toys again
  • know which is which of the lubricants
  • decrease and disinfect thoroughly in between partners

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"I give blowjobs without a condom, I didn't know I could contract an STI that way"