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Symptoms of HIV

HIV can have different symptoms and lead to different health problems in different people. It also depends on which phase of the HIV infection you are in.|
Are you experiencing flu-like symptoms such as night sweats, pain in your joints, a skin rash, a sore throat, swollen lymph nodes (glands) and/or continuing diarrhea? Those could be signs of a normal flu, but they could also point to an HIV infection. Get tested for HIV as soon as possible. The symptoms that HIV causes might also only appear years after the actual infection. Some people only get symptoms in the very last phase of their HIV infection.

Four phases of an HIV infection:

  • Phase 1: acute infection
  • Phase 2: recent infection
  • Phase 3: latent / chronic infection
  • Phase 4: AIDS

By getting yourself tested in time and starting immediately with the treatment if it turns out that you have HIV, you will keep your immune system intact as much as possible. Getting treated with HIV medications will also practically eliminate your chances of transmitting your HIV to others.



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Easy and fast HIV test, anonymous: Municipal Health Service Amsterdam temporarily offers HIV self-test service, check: www.time2test.nl. An easy-to-take test, without blood involved. Results after 20 minutes.


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